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Gipsy Hill Brewing Company

October 23, 2016

Cask beer


We’re updating our cask beer range, bringing it forward with our ethos.

With all of our expansion well under way, it’s conjured up a lot of thoughts about our roots and how we have grown over the last two years.

Cask beer was at the heart of what we did. We wanted to bring the medium strength, full flavoured, ‘conversational’ beer to the real ale pumps of London. Starting with Southpaw, working our way through to Dissident. We built, altered and reviewed our recipes to the limit of brewing knowhow and kit limitations allowed us.

Over the last few months we have experimented with one-off cask brews. These have been unfined and unfiltered, natural beers. This is something we always want to work towards. Natural beer to us, simply means beer as it should be, little removed but a lot gained. The finished article being as close to how it was in the tank. After all, beer is a living product. Finings for the most part, are used to clear the beer, they do this by attaching themselves onto things like proteins and oils making them drop to the bottom.

We’ve seen the light and decided to do the biggest overhaul of our cask range since we started, with the unfiltered, unfined, natural beer ethos. For now, our core cask range is going through metamorphosis. It hunkering down inside the brewery, whilst it builds on its roots, becoming more robust and beautiful. Finally birthing from its steel chrysalis a more cloudy, aromatic, flavourful version of itself.

Although our core range will be in hiatus for a while, we will be launching monthly cask specials. Keep an eye out for those.

Our blog is bursting with beery news, go check it out.