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Employee Owned since 2021.

Hepcat Can Shot

All of our core beers in one place!

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About this beer

Hepcat. Hunter. Bandit. Baller.

Same great flavour, brand new look. 

Our core brews were introduced to provide reliability to your drinking repertoire. A selection of guaranteed bangers, cult classics AND best sellers. Ready to return to – time and time again!

That’s where The Core 24 comes in. All of our best sellers in one handy pack AND with a built-in 10% off & free delivery as standard.

Order before midday Monday to Thursday to get your beers in time for the weekend!


One size


(£72.00) £64.80
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Our favourite Core Beers


Session IPA

£3.00 | 4.6%


Helles Lager

£2.75 | 4.8%



£3.50 | 5.4%

Merch Store

Using the right suppliers and the best produce is at the heart of what we do at Gipsy Hill. Our passion for beer inspires us to live a better life. Our merch should do the same – so we partnered with Teemill and launched our new merch store.

Mix it up

Classic Craft Box

Fresh Release


(£50.50) £45.45 | 4.0 - 8.2%

The Core 24 Pack

Best Seller


(£72.00) £64.80 | 3.8 - 5.4%

The Picnic Pack

Fresh Release


(£48.00) £43.20 | 3.8 - 6.2%


Order by 13th July for our next box.

Our ‘Family Beers’ box is a monthly subscription. Every month we fill it with 12 of our freshest yet to be released specials, an exclusive piece of merch and a tasting pack from our Brew team… it’s like a Kinder Egg of beer subscription boxes.

Each box contains:

– 12 x 440ml Special Beers (made up of 3-6 unique beers).

– 1 x Mystery Merch (changing monthly).

– 1 x Tasting guide (curated by our Brew team).

– Free postage and subscriber-only discounts.

Sign up today for just £50 and save up to £45 every single month!

Check out our freshest new beers


Fresh Release

Raspberry and Hibiscus Saison

£5.00 | 6.0%

Tafa Tafa

Best Seller

Mai Tai Sour

£5.00 | 5.5%


Fresh Release

Cali IPA

£4.00 | 4.5%

Stay in the know

We don’t believe in newsletters for the sake of newsletters – when we have something to shout about, we’ll hit your inbox with an update.

What we can promise is early access to new launches, private tasting events and regular discounts on our web store, plus the most important news straight from the brewhouse.

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