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Perfectly Imperfect Cans

Sometimes you’re shopping for beers as a gift, or for the gram… you want the cans to be the image of pristine… anything less than “perfect” simply won’t do… we get it.

So what happens to the cans that don’t live up to those standards – the cans that pick up little dents along the way… well the honest truth, they get put to one side for our team… or into the bin… not ideal.

For those of you who aren’t worried if the cans live up to “societal standards of can beauty” – save a little dosh and help us cut out on waste. Get 10% off our perfectly imperfect cans… because as you know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

*All cans are tested through our QC process to ensure the beer quality inside has not been impacted.

Hopfalls (Perfectly Imperfect)

Perfectly Imperfect

Wet Hop Pale

(£4.00) £3.60 | 4.5%

Hunter (Perfectly Imperfect)

Perfectly Imperfect

Helles Lager

(£2.75) £2.45 | 4.8%

The one and only Hepcat.

We’ve been brewing Hepcat for nearly eight years now, and for good reason!

It’s bursting with vibrant stone fruit and mandarin flavours and heaped with the freshest hops around.

There’s a reason why it’s one of London’s favourite beers!

Great beer, made by great people and drunk by an incredible community.

Core Range


Helles Lager

£2.75 | 4.8%



£3.50 | 5.4%


Gluten Free Pale

£2.75 | 3.8%

Multi-Pack Beers

Save yourself the hassle of deciding by picking up one of our specially curated beer multi-packs!

We’ve done the hard work so that you don’t have to and put together our favourite flavour combinations just for you. All Gipsy Hill multi-packs come with a built-in saving of 10% or more!

Special Range


Fresh Drop

Wet Hop Pale

£4.00 | 4.5%


Raspberry and Hibiscus Saison

£5.00 | 6.0%


Imperial Chocolate Pastry Stout

£6.00 | 10.5%



£6.00 | 8.2%


Strawberry and Passionfruit Shortcake Sour

£4.00 | 4.5%


Piña Colada New England IPA

£5.00 | 6.5%

Merch Store

Using the right suppliers and the best produce is at the heart of what we do at Gipsy Hill. Our passion for beer inspires us to live a better life. Our merch should do the same – so we partnered with Teemill and launched our new merch store.