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Our Beers

Coming into June with a killer mixed pack!

The sun has graced us with it presence, park beers and BBQ’s are back in full swing – why not turn up with our freshest releases!

Our June Mixed 12 Pack includes:

3 x First Orders – NEIPA – 440ml

3 x Squashed – Fruited Sour Ale – 440ml

3 x Moneybags – DIPA – 440ml

3 x Felder – Weiss Beer – 440ml

Multi-Pack Beers

Summer Sour 12 Pack

Fruited Sours

(£56.00) £50.40 | 4.8 - 6.0%

Mixed Specials 12 Pack


(£60.00) £54.00 | 4.8 - 11.3%

May Specials 12 Pack


(£63.00) £54.99 | 4.8 - 11.3%

'Family Beers' Monthly Subscription

Our ‘Family Beers’ box is a monthly subscription. Every month we fill it with 12 of our freshest yet to be released specials, an exclusive piece of merch and a tasting pack from our Brew team… it’s like a Kinder Egg of beer subscription boxes.

Each box will be contain:

– 12 x 440ml Special Beers (made up of 4-6 unique beers).

– 1 x Mystery Merch (changing monthly).

– 1 x Tasting guide (curated by our Brew team).

Launching price of £50 a month including free shipping.


Is there anything naughtier than running through a field of wheat...

Gipsy Hill Brew IconFresh
Gipsy Hill Brew IconMalty
Gipsy Hill Brew IconSpicy

About this beer

…probably not – but for those who want to live on the wild side, Felder is a great stepping stone.

Felders has an incredible golden haze with a big white cloudy head – full of banana and bubblegum esters, with soft lemon notes. Perfect summer tin.

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Special Range

First Orders

Fresh Release

New England IPA

£5.00 | 5.8%

Squashed | Smoked Grapefruit and Rosemary

Fresh Release

Sour Fruited Ale

£5.00 | 6.0%


Fresh Release

Double IPA

£6.50 | 9.0%


New England IPA

£5.00 | 6.8%%

Squashed | Lychee, Gooseberry & Elderflower

Fruited Sour Ale

£5.00 | 4.8%%


Pastry Stout

£5.00 | 10.0%

Weekly Mini Keg Pre-orders!

The pubs are back and we’re filling ourselves up with fresh pints of the good stuff. For those of you who are still loving the fire pits in the garden, or the wide open spaces of the park – why not pick up a mini keg so you can have a cold one in the places you love?

Every Thursday we release a limited batch of super fresh mini kegs for pre order. We package them the following Wednesday, in time for you to enjoy by the weekend.

Core Range


Session IPA

£2.20 | 4.6%



£2.40 | 5.4%


Helles Lager

£2.20 | 4.8%


Pale Ale

£2.00 | 4.2%


Gluten Free Pale

£2.00 | 3.8%


Micro IPA

£1.80 | 2.8%

Merch Store

Using the right suppliers and the best produce is at the heart of what we do at Gipsy Hill. Our passion for beer inspires us to live a better life. Our merch should do the same – so we partnered with Teemill and launched our new merch store.