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The Swift Half #4

The Swift Half #4 image

This is the swift half. At Gipsy Hill we want to showcase good brews. These are the beers that we think are damn tasty!


Brewery: Renegade Brewery.

Style: West Coast Pale.

Location: Berkshire.

Hops: Cascade, Summit, Columbus, Chinook.

ABV: 5.1%


The guys and girls from Renegade were pitched across from us at Craft Beer Rising. We were drawn to their incredible beards and good looking beers. We picked up this west coast pale in a beer swap at the end of the festival.

A West Coast Pale Ale in my mind, should be hazy, a punchy hop palate with the malt almost lingering in the background.

It smelt great, the citrusy aromas we love from American hops were there. Straight up orange haziness in the glass – exactly what I wanted to see. There are some big flavoured hops in this brew, but the upfront bitterness wasn’t as punchy as hoped. It had some great citrusy flavours going on and the bittering towards the end were delicious. It left my mouth wanting another.

Lovely sessionable beer. Whip out the deck chair, let your hair down and crack open one of these.

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Check them out over on their site and come challenge them at beer pong.

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