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The Swift Half #5

The Swift Half #5 image

This is the swift half #5. At Gipsy Hill we want to showcase good brews. These are the beers that we think are damn tasty!

I’ve set myself a challenge of trying 52 bottled/canned beers in a year. The only real rule for myself is that it can’t be a beer I’ve had before. I’ve gotten a little bit behind in the last 2 week. So heres a double blended whammy to catch myself up.

Blending is something we are seeing more and more. It’s like making your own little collabs.

After visiting the Fourpure guys & girls at Mother Kelly’s last night, I woke up with these 2 tinnies under my pillow.

Souther Latitude is their take on a South Pacific Pale. It’s rounded with hints of citrus and a bit of earthiness. Great lingering after bitterness.

Flatiron is their American red and newest addition to their core range. Malty and toasty. Not a whole of bitterness but still enough to have a little freshness on the tongue.

Pouring the two together, you get a great amber haziness. A rich malt and big hop bittering in the cheeks. It’s become a hugely punchy almost dry hopped red ale. I kind of dig it.

I think I can get into this blending thing.

If you’ve blended and found something pretty out there let us know. Fancy reading more of our beery thoughts then check out our blog page.