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New look and feel, same great people.

It's great to refresh every once in a while, take a look at our updated branding.

New look and feel, same great people. image


Welcome to Gipsy Hill…

…A place brimming with generosity. Born out of family, cobbled together by two guys who wanted to make a stake in the brewing world. What once began as mere scribbles on paper, big ideas, lofty dreams and too many nights spent burning the midnight oil. It’s easy to forget to take a moment to reflect. To step back and look at the home we’ve crafted at the bottom of the hill.

We began, like most breweries do. With a mission to create full-flavoured, moreish beers, of the highest quality. Eight years and 200+ unique brews later, this still rings true. Of course it does.

But along the way we realised a few things. Beery blinkers removed; Gipsy Hill was bigger than the beer itself. We took stock. We reflected. We talked, honestly and openly with ourselves about who we had come to be and what we had come to stand for. And there was a lot. We wanted to distil what it was we really cared about. Concentrating our energies on what matters most and not getting lost in the weeds. We made a commitment to ourselves, our community, and our customers.

We will always give our team a share in our success.

We will always remain engaged with our local communities.

We will always treat our team and customers with the respect they deserve.


We will be as considered with our actions as we are with our brewing. Forever ensuring our money speaks the same language as our actions, concentrating on great taste and community.

We’re not changing who we are, what we stand for or what we believe in. We’ve simply spent some time refining and defining. Ensuring that we can hold ourselves and our industry accountable. We choose the right route, not the easy. We won’t skimp on hops, flavour or giving back to those that matter. Giving everything we can, so you won’t end up feeling short changed.



Whilst taking this time to re-define the things that make us tick. We were also presented with an opportunity to re-fresh our look – with something reflective of our little corner of South London, a place bursting with vibrancy.

Before we jump into it, we wanted to look back and pay tribute to the incredible illustrations of Marcus Reed. Right from the start, he worked with us capturing our team in his iconic vector style – producing well over 150 individual label designs, whilst sitting pride of place as the face of Hepcat.

As you will know, Marcus stepped away from our designs back in 2020 to follow his creative pursuits and kickstart some amazing projects. Supporting creatives and illustrators is a huge part of everything we do – so head to his site and check out what he’s been up to.

So let’s take a moment, raise our tinnies and collectively cheers Marcus for a whirlwind of colours, cans and characters.

With that being said, since the start of the year our team were set with the unenviable task of re-shaping a new look for Gipsy Hill. Visually grounded in our location, inspired by the people around us, the journeys we take every day or simply looking up when making a morning coffee. We soon came to realise our visual identity had been right there all along.

We’re from South London, and that means a few things. We’re a proud bunch, from all walks of life. Linked arm in arm by passion and modesty. Just like any other neck of the woods. The sun rises…the sunsets. But here, we embrace the perfectly imperfect. Our floors aren’t polished. Our walls aren’t untouched – plastered with memories and moments in flowing abundance. It’s just how we like it.

Real People. 

Flowing Abundance.  

Perfectly Imperfect.  

The guiding principles for creating the fresh new look you see today. And it doesn’t just stop there. Our core beers have also had a shake-up. (Not literally, although an F1 style Hepcat spray does feel like a good way to celebrate a job well done). But with a core range can design transformation AND an increase in size. Cause let’s face it. Right now, we all deserve a little bit more bang for our buck. 

We’ll be introducing you to the new core range, alongside a load of other exciting stuff over the next few days.  

Thanks for stopping by and sticking it out through this accidentally lengthy post. We appreciate both your time and interest in what we’re trying to achieve here. We can’t wait to hear what you think!