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Pestering the Brewers #1

Working at a brewery we get asked all sorts of things by seasoned and fresh home brewers a like. Over the last few months, we have been jotting down the most common and sometimes weird questions put to us.

These are the brewer’s answers!

 “What beer should I brew first?”

Rich: “Stout or Porter, they’re hard to mess up.”

Charlie: “Also be prepared to wade through a lot of bad batches before you get the one”.


“Where should I get my homebrew ingredients from?”

Rich: “For small amounts find your local homebrew store, some times bottle shops will have ingredients. Another alternative is looking online.”

Simon: “If you search online for homebrew supplies, some local shop should be there.”


“I’ve got this weird smell coming from my beer, is this normal?”

Rich: “If its an unpleasant smell it could be an infection. Does it taste funny? If you don’t think its right, brew it again and see how it turns out. Be clean and sanitise as you go.”