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Employee Ownership

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This week has been a long time coming and is a really big step for all of us at Gipsy Hill.

I am really proud to announce that at the start of April we became an employee-owned business. That is to say that 100% of our employees are now owners in our business.

Having employee-owners is huge. The impact every single person that works at Gipsy Hill has on what we do cannot be overstated. From the brewing, packaging, logistics and bar team members, through whose hands every drop of our beer flows, to our marketing, sales and office pros, who tell our story, sell our beers and keep us on track – everyone is integral, without exception, and anything good that happens at Gipsy Hill is down to all of our collective efforts.

And now everyone will benefit directly, through ownership in Gipsy Hill, for all those efforts.

It feels like it is as it should be, but it is still a rare thing.

This is how it will work:

  1. Every year Gipsy Hill will gift all employees options in the company, pro-rated for how much of the previous calendar year they worked (we’ll be looking to disburse roughly 2% of the company each year).
  2. The longer each employee stays working at Gipsy Hill, the more options they will accrue.
  3. Eventually, Gipsy Hill will list on the stock market. When it does, everyone’s options will immediately turn into fair value shares which they can hold or trade.
  4. We’re launching an Employee Council to make sure we’ve got a full and open relationship with all our amazing people. It will be a forum to voice opinions, feelings and ideas for improvement.

At Gipsy Hill we’re trying to “Brew a Better Life”. It’s a concept we landed on at the end of 2019, after we took a deep dive into re-evaluating who we want to be, what we want to do, why we want to do it and how we were going to get there. That process gave us some core commitments that we will always work towards.

In short, Brewing a Better Life means:

  1. Be fair to your team. Look after your community. Be the change you want to see in society.
  2. Quality is our bedrock. Innovation never stops. Be efficient and offer value.
  3. Net zero 2023. Minimise our footprint. Regenerate where possible.

We don’t have all of this figured out yet. COVID sure threw us for a loop. But this is who we want to be. It’s what we want to do. We’re going to be taking steps to get there every day. I’m really looking forward to letting you all know how we’re going to make this happen, and how you can be part of our journey.

For now though, we celebrate a big first step. We celebrate with our team, our partners, our co-owners.



Huddle - Brewed to celebrate 'Employee Owned'

Chock full of Strata with a touch of Citra, pouring out zesty lemon and passionfruit flavours. A hit of grapefruit on the nose, keeps this heavy hopped Dank IPA feeling fresh.

Don’t forget to peel and reveal!