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Brewhouse Update 3

Brewhouse Update 3 image

Welcome to the Brewhouse Update 3 – check out what we’ve been up to.

As we mentioned last time, the brewery has stopped brewing for a few weeks. Simon has been shipped off to the New Forest to brew on one of brewer friends kits. Our new double wide drainage system has been installed. The new floor is  under way and starting to look great. Once the floor has set, our new vessels will be installed. 5 x 5000l tanks. Like we said last week, this definitely means a summer party.

Drifter V2 is almost out of the tanks and will be ready for it’s launch party in a few weeks time. We’re just putting together the final preparations before confirming it but hopefully its going to be big! Keep an eye on our events page for details.

Wednesday the 13th we are doing a small collab brew with Cerititude. They will be bringing a group to do tastings, build recipes and finish the day off by brewing some special. Once it’s ready and cask conditioned, we’ve got yet another party planned!

We have another new addition to the team. Tom will be running our Sales team, making sure that all you locals are stocked up with our brews. He will be manning the events alongside Mike, so you will likely seem him quite soon. He’s a big hugger, make sure to give him a squeeze.

Charlie and Mike headed to SIBA’s South East beer awards last week. SIBA judge all the best breweries in the South East region and this year looked tough. We had some great feedback but were pipped to the post by some truly excellent brews. Bring on next year!

Enjoy the week.

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