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Brewhouse Update 2

Brewhouse Update 2 image

Welcome to the Brewhouse Update 2 – check out what we’ve been upto.

Last update we had started brewing our second batch of Drifter. That’s now sold out and went down incredibly well. We’ve filled a limited run of crowlers. Yes, crowlers are the huge 909ml tinnies. Pick one up from the brewery tap every Saturday.

Following on from that, we have just brewed Drifter V2. For this we’ve acquired some special imported yeast and a whole new grain bill. It should be even hazier and juicier than last time. Keep an eye out for our launch party – it’s going to be big!

Yovcho, the face of Hinterweltler and our Bavarian brew master has sadly left us. Newly married, he’s returned to Germany and a new job distributing malt. We miss him and his brilliantly awful jokes.

Throughout July the brewery will be in various states of flux. We have a new drainage system being installed, as well as a new floor being laid. Unfortunately, the brewery tap room will be shut on the 9thJuly. Once the floor is laid and settled, we take delivery of our new fermentation tanks. We should probably have a party to celebrate.

Mike and the events team have just about recovered from a long week and a half of events. First was Field day in Victoria Park. Then straight after Taste of London. Check out our events to see what we have coming up.

Lastly, let’s end on a high! We have a new brewer and engineer who has just started with us. He has a stellar brewing background and we can’t wait to let him loose on our pilot kit. Introducing, JT. You will get a chance to meet him at the tap room and some of our events on occasion.


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