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Beery Hotspots #1

We all want great beer… fact. That means we need some excellent places to drink it. Join us in finding the best beery hotspots with our custom map of the UK.

Let’s kick things off with something local and close to our hearts: Beer Rebellion, Gipsy Hill. Just up the hill from the brewery, its often our pit stop before we head off home after a long day brewing.

Owned by Late Knights Brewery, it started as a little pop up and has grown into it’s own permanent premises next door.

This place has an ever changing beer and bottle selection. “Beer today, gone tomorrow” you might say. It means no matter how regularly you visit, you have the chance to try something new.

If you’re lost in a sea of beer the staff will guide you through, offering tastings and confidently recommending a beer they know you will love, as if they were taste bud goblins*.

Our choice, was the Yeastie Boys – Pot Kettle Black. It was bloody great!

Fantastic variety, lovely staff and well kept beer. Go check them out.

*Taste bud goblins live on your tongue, telling you what tastes great

**Taste bud goblins don’t exist. Sorry.