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Farmhouse Pale 4.0% ABV

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About this beer

Regenerator is a Farmhouse Pale Ale and collaboration with Wildfarmed.

We’ve been big fans of Wildfarmed for quite some time now. How could you not be?

The champions of ethical farming are pushing some of the most exciting and sustainable practices to create a market that rewards quality whilst helping shape the future of our planet.

As masters in flour, our thinking was that – if they’ve got the wheat, then surely beer just makes sense? And so, Regenerator was born.

Regenerator is a Farmhouse pale ale brewed with wheat grown from Wildfarmed’s biodiverse community of growers. It’s the first time their crops have been malted and used for brewing!

Regenerator is fermented with Saison yeast to bring out a bunch of our favourite fruity esters. It’s light on its feet with fresh citrus notes that pair perfectly with the gentle spice from the hops.

Soft, funky, and an excellent choice for summer evenings spent reminiscing of simpler times.

Beer info

Style: Farmhouse Pale
ABV: 4.0%
Allergens: Gluten (Barley, Wheat)
Sold as: can