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Raspberry and Hibiscus Saison 6.0% ABV

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About this beer

Meet Propagator – a Raspberry and Hibiscus Saison and funk sensation. 

Propagator is brewed on a simple grist with flashes of rye. Hibiscus flowers are steeped in the kettle for floral aromatics and a touch of dryness to the finish. Propagator is completed with lashings of raspberry and our secret spicy weapon – grains of paradise, for a pink peppercorn finish with hints of citrus.  

To keep close to tradition, we fermented with a farmhouse Saison yeast – LalBrew Farmhouse for plenty of funk flavour and aroma.  

Raspberry and spice on the nose, with a stewed fruitiness on the palate – it’s a jammy, tart convergence of fruited funk! 

Propagator features Freddie, our head of QC and Wild Beer and is illustrated by expert artist Tom Jay.

Beer info

Style: Raspberry and Hibiscus Saison
ABV: 6.0%
Allergens: Gluten (Malted Barley, Wheat and Rye)
Sold as: can

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