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Double IPA 9.8% ABV

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About this beer

Moneybags is back for its fourth release!  As one of our most requested AND highest rated beers, we couldn’t not re-brew this Double IPA.

With each iteration of Moneybags, we keep the core recipe the same but like to update and tweak minor elements to make the latest version of Moneybags the best we’ve ever released. In this round, we’ve switched Voss Kveik yeast for a Vermont strain to support Moneybag’s big tropical fruit flavours and elevated ABV.

We truly believe that this Version might be the best we’ve ever brewed. It’s got a whopping 22 grams per litre of dry hops and is PUMPED full of Cryo Citra and Mosaic that churn out huge overripe tropical fruits notes with licks of deep peachy flavour.

It’s big. It’s brash. It’s juicy as hell!

If you’ve followed our Moneybags series since the beginning, you might notice the progression of our Moneybags mogul character through our can artwork. In this iteration Moneybags (aka Pat, our Sales Director) has made it to his destination in the South of France, swapping his suit for shorts but still can’t shed his trusty tie.

This release of Moneybags was brought to life by illustrative wonder and guest artist Will Barras.

Beer info

Style: Double IPA
ABV: 9.8%
Allergens: Gluten (Malted Barley, Wheat, Oats)
Sold as: can