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Imperial Chocolate Pastry Stout 10.5% ABV

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About this beer

Blowout is an Imperial Chocolate Pastry Stout and collaboration with Chatsworth Bakehouse to celebrate our 8th year of brewing.

We’ve been huge fans of the Crystal Palace-based Chatsworth Bakehouse since they opened their red-fronted shop back in 2021. How could we not? With the fluffiest focaccia, tastiest sweet treats and mega sandwiches that sell out faster than your average Glasto ticket.

Whilst brewing an Imperial Pastry stout in the middle of August might sound well… a little nuts. We figured it’s our birthday and why the hell not, ey?

Blowout is a Pastry Stout of dreams – like…pure unadulterated birthday madness.

We added 2kg of birthday sprinkles alongside 25 kilos of cocoa powder to the mash before adding another 2kg of sprinkles to the boil. And we didn’t stop there… After fermenting with Horingdale Kveik yeast, we centrifuged and conditioned the beer on lightly roasted cocoa nibs and vanilla for FIVE whole days to get sweeter milk chocolate confectionary notes.

Blowout is an Imperial Pastry Stout you will not be able to stop thinking about.

It’s all brownie mix on the nose – with layers upon layers of cocoa and cacao nibs for a deep, dark chocolate richness with a bitter edge. With kicks of sweetness from milk sugars and 4KG OF BIRTHDAY SPRINKLES – it’s doing the absolute most, and we cannot get enough.

Blowout features Chatsworth Bakehouse founders Sian and Tom on the can and is illustrated by long-term collaborator and brewery fave Tom Jay.

Beer info

Style: Imperial Chocolate Pastry Stout
ABV: 10.5%
Allergens: Gluten (Malted Barley and Wheat), Lactose
Sold as: can

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