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Mini kegs?

How does mini keg ordering work?

Mini kegs work on a presale basis to ensure you get them as fresh as possible. We list new mini kegs every Thursday, for delivery the following week. Currently we have hard limit on the amount of mini kegs

We package mini kegs on Wednesdays and ship on Thursdays with next day delivery.

We currently do not accept returns of empty mini kegs. To recycle, remove the plastic top – the mini keg itself can then be recycled with other metals. The plastic top should be disposed of in general waste – this isn’t ideal and we are looking for better packaging solutions.

Check out some of our favourites:


Session IPA

£3.00 | 4.6%


Helles Lager

£2.75 | 4.8%


Gluten Free Pale

£2.75 | 3.4%