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Our crowdfund is live!

If you’d like to join us in our first-ever equity-based crowdfund, then follow the link below to our Investor Hub.

Here, you’ll find our Investor Deck, crowdfund blog series and, most importantly, our sign-up page!

Crowdfund - Q&A with Co-Founder, Sam McMeekin

Interested in supporting us through our Crowdfund, but want to ask some questions in person beforehand? Join Sam McMeekin, Co-founder and MD of Gipsy Hill at:

Gipsy Hill Taproom, SE279SF – Thursday 16th June, 6pm – 8pm.

The Douglas Fir, SE208DL – Wednesday 22nd June, 6pm – 8pm.

Be part of Gipsy Hill's Future.

In 2013, Gipsy Hill was founded. We swore we’d put a dent in the brewing universe and make beer that stood for something.

Eight years later and we’re one of the largest, and highest-rated, independent breweries in London, as well as being proudly employee-owned since 2021.

We’ve built a top-quality production facility in our corner of South London; have won numerous national awards and have listings across the best retailers and hospitality companies in the country.

We’re also working on a ground-breaking project to produce a zero offset, carbon-negative beer this year, which we believe would be a world first.

Why invest in Gipsy Hill?

We’re crowdfunding as we’d like to double our production capacity to 5 million pints a year, invest in new equipment to further improve efficiency and quality, and double the size of our on-site taproom over the next 18 months.

We also want to complete our carbon footprint mapping and B-Corp application by the end of the year.

Our community has always been core to who we are, and we’re really excited to give our loyal champions the opportunity to join us for this next exciting chapter.