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Black Friday Beers Deals

Running from the 25th of November to the 2nd of December, we’ve discounted all our single cans by 10% so you get a little, and will be donating another 10% to Norwood & Brixton Foodbank, so they get a little.

It’s not the “one time only, lowest prices, best value deal” you’ll get elsewhere this Black Friday, but you’ll be helping people who need it most… and you know what… that’s worth way more.

p.s. discount codes won’t work on sale items during this period to maximise our charity donation.

Black Friday discounts


Festival IPA

£4.50 | 5.5%


Imperial Chocolate Pastry Stout

£6.00 | 10.5%


Piña Colada New England IPA

£5.00 | 6.5%


Fresh Drop

Wet Hop Pale

£4.00 | 4.5%

Quaffer AF

Fresh Drop

Alcohol-Free IPA

£3.50 | 0.5%

Don’t fancy a beer? That’s okay, you can donate straight to Norwood & Brixton Foodbank here.