Moxie (Special beer)

Fruit Salad Sour // 4.5%


Moxie is our fruited sour series.

For this version we added 200kg of Raspberry and 200kg of Pineapple to fermentation and cold side.

A nod to the old, fruit salad sweets. Classic, gently tart, refreshingly sour.
Goes well with courage and spirit.

Featuring Ailie, a former Gipsy and current Rockstar.

Beer Info

Style: Kettle Sour

ABV: 4.5%

Aroma Hops: N/A

Bittering Hops: N/A

Adjuncts: Raspberry puree, Pineapple puree, Himalayan pink salt

Yeast: US-05

Malt: Weyermann pilsner, Terrified wheat, Wheat malt,

Allergens: Gluten (Barley, Wheat)

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Availability: One off brew

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