H.F.O (Special beer)

Imperial Stout // 9.0%


H.F.O. (aka Heavy Fuel Oil) is an imperial Stout.

It’s got layers and layers of chocolate, coffee, berries and liquorice.

We also have aged it in-house, in package to give it an incredibly smooth, rounded, balanced texture.

Packaged in June, it’s ready for release in September.

Goes well with big wells and black gold.

Featuring Chris, part of the Gipsy Taproom team.

Beer Info

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.0%

Aroma Hops: N/A

Bittering Hops: Pilgrim

Yeast: Nottingham

Malt: Maris otter pale, Wheat, Oats, Flaked barley, Chocolate, Caramel, DRC, Golden Syrup

Sold as: Keg

Availability: One of brew