Finzels (Special beer)

Sour IPA // 7.5%


Finzels is a collaboration with Left Handed Giant.

It’s a soft, juicy NEIPA, that’s been liberally hopped with El Dorado and Idaho 7.

Fermented with mango, apricot and peach puree, before being blended with a signature Gipsy Hill sour base beer and topped off with milk sugar to bind together all the flavours.

It’s big bodied, fruity, slightly sour, low bitterness, hop forward and 7.5%. A adult sorbet in a glass.

Goes well with nights in, nights out, and big pizza.

Featuring Heather, the force that makes LHG tick (B&J make it tock).

Beer Info

Style: Fruited Sour IPA

ABV: 7.5

Aroma Hops: Rakau, Mandarina Bavaria, Huel Melon, Motueka

Bittering Hops: N/A

Adjuncts: Peach, Apricot, Mango, Lactose

Yeast: Vermont

Malt: Lager, IPA, Wheat, Oat, Carapils, Accidulated, Flaked Oats

Allergens: Gluten (Barley, Wheat, Oats), Lactose.

Sold as:

Availability: 440ml Can, Keg

Release Date: 22/01/2019