Anorak (Cask beer)

Plum Mild // 4.4%


Anorak is a classic mild with a fruity twist. A huge malt bill to build out the biscuity base, along with British hops for a stone fruit bittering. The plum addition rounds the two together for a sweet and tart finish.


Beer Info

Style: Plum Mild

ABV: 4.4

Aroma Hops: Goldings

Bittering Hops: Pilgrim

Adjuncts: Plums

Yeast: SO-4

Malt: Marris otter pale, Crystal Light, Gold naked oats, Oats, Premium UK caramalt, DRC, Crystal T50, Dextrin, Aromatic Malt

Sold as: Cask

Availability: One off brew