Alleycat (Special beer)

Pale Ale // 4.5%


Alleycat is a Pale Ale.

Pumped full of Galaxy and Citra for their big stone fruit and citrus flavours.

The grist kept clean to let the hops shine.

Goes well with checkpoints and backstreets.

Featuring Andre, our two wheeling sales guy.

Beer Info

Style: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5%

Aroma Hops: Galaxy, Citra

Bittering Hops: Magnum

Adjuncts: N/A

Yeast: BRY-97

Malt: Pale, Pilsner, Carablond, Caraclair, Oat malt, Golden naked oats

Allergens: Gluten (Barley, Oats)

Sold as: Can, Keg

Release Date: 18/02/2019