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Gipsy Hill Brewing Company

June 1, 2016

The Swift Half 8

The Swift Half

This is the Swift Half 8. At Gipsy Hill we want to showcase good brews. These are the beers that we think are damn tasty! The Park Breweries Saison is shining.

Brewery: The Park Brewery

Style: Wheat Saison

Location: Kingston Upon Thames, London

Hops: Hallertauer & Mittlefrüh

ABV: 5.7%

The Park Brewery must be situated close to one of the most beautiful parks in London. Unfortunately the closest park I could get to was our car park. But hey with life gives you car parks… you drink beer? We’ve all been there.

We picked up some bottles from the BAC Love Beer Festival and decided to start with the Wheat saison. Saisons traditionally were brewed in the colder months ready for farm workers in the summer. I’m constantly surprised at how my taste for saisons has grown over the last 6 months. I always found saisons intimidating but now, a saison could be my beer of choice.

The Park Brewery have made a really lovely saison. I really dig it’s appley nose and taste. It’s gives a really great dryness to it. It reminds me of the farmhouse ciders, I used to drink in Herefordshire, just not as potent and pokey. There’s a slight sharpness to it, which is wholly refreshing to the tongue. This would be great sitting under a tree, in a sunny park somewhere.


The Swift Half 8


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