Pilsener Goblet


The Gipsy Hill Pilsener Goblet is ideal for beer lover that wants to display their beer elegantly. It allows for a maximum of 330ml pour (with a nice head), and also has the 2/3 pint markings. Perfect for a session.

Disclaimer: Does not come filled with beer.

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This is the Gipsy Hill Pilsener Goblet. It perfectly fits a full 330ml bottle or can. It will fit a 500ml can but in as few as two pours. This glass has a robust base, allowing for intense swilling, opportune aroma sniffing and vigorous quaffing. It looks good on the shelf, in the cupboard or held in your hand. The branded logo on the glass is tactfully etched onto the outer surface, allowing for prime viewing even with a two finger head.

If you fancy a bigger vessel, why not check out our branded pint. it holds around 1.4 bottles of beer.

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